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Metalware Refinishing

Trinity Church Supply has over 47 year’s of experience, expertise and craftsmanship in the repairing and restoring of Church items. Our master crafts people can straighten, refinish, and lacquer all sterling, silver-plate, brass, pewter and other metal objects. Talk to us about refinishing brass and bronze church appointments; replating sacred vessels like chalices and ciboria in 24K gold or sterling silver; or customizing church appointments using your existing items. In addition, we can restore religious statuary in plaster, wood or outdoor bronze and marble to their original luster, or modify the church statues to match existing decor.


Complete Portfolio


A partial list of Church item services include… 

   Repair, refinishing or plating of Chalices, Patens, and Chalice Cases. 

   Repair, refinishing or re-plating of crucifixes. 

   Re-plating and repair of communion trays, including those with nested inserts. 

   Restoration of patens, monstrance, and censors.

   Repair, refinishing or re-plating 24K gold plate chalice and patens. 

   Refinishing and lacquering brass alter crosses, incense burners and candle lighters.

      Refinishing and restoration of Tabernacles.



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How to recieve a No cost estimate to have your item restored.

1.  Contact Robert Klopp at [email protected] or 1-800-327-2516

2.  Email a photo of your item(s) to [email protected]

3.  Bring your item into our showroom for a complete review.


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Refinished Monstrance