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2 3/4" diameter Whole Wheat Celebrant Altar Bread box of 50

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Product Description

2 3/4" Diameter  Celebrant Altar Bread 

Whole Wheat 

Box of 50

Celebrant's Whole Wheat or White Altar Bread. 50 - 2 3/4" breads in a box. All Cavanagh breads have a carefully moulded sealed edge which prevents crumbs.

They are baked of only pure wheat flour and water and are made strictly without additives. Produced in the United States in an exceptionally clean and modern automated facility.

The breads are sealed minutes after baking and are untouched by human hands. Comes in a resealable container


~Gluten Free Communion Wafers are now available.  Please know that these wafers are not considered valid matter for the Catholic Church mass. 

Low Gluten wafers for use in the Catholic mass will be available in the near future.


For more information regarding Bread for the Catholic mass, please click here:


 ~Trinity Church Supply offers all your Communion Altar Breads~